Here’s the friendly guide to knowing us better:

How much is the deposit for staying at THE RESIDENCE?
To secure your bookings, kindly deposit RM100 as downpayment. Email us for deposit details. Bookings will only be active once we receive the deposit. We ONLY accept cash payments at this moment. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The place looks spacious, how many rooms are there in this house?
It is indeed. There is a total of 4 rooms (1 Master bedroom, 2 Intermediate rooms & 1 Small room).

How many people can we have in this house?
We would like to keep the amount of tenants to commensurate the amount of beds available. There is 6 single beds, 1 double bed and a sofa-bed in the living hall. If our maths serve us right, that’s a total of 9 persons allowed. However, if requested, we do have extra mattresses to fulfill 3 additional guests. That makes 12 persons allowed. Do bear in mind, each mattress is charged at RM 10.00 /day.

I just watched a horror movie and I need more pillows to hug. Will you provide me more pillows?
Do request for more pillows if that helps you sleep better.

Since Malaysian weather is rather humid, is the place air-conditioned or with fans at least?
It’s our pleasure to keep you cool. All rooms except the small room (ground floor) is not air-conditioned. The main hall (ground floor) is also air-conditioned. There are fans in all rooms as well in-case you wouldn’t enjoy being too chilled.

Is there a garden and can we have any BBQ sessions?
Yes, there is a mini grass area, however, we do not allow any BBQ grilling or setup in this house.

Are we allowed to cook?
Yes, there is a kitchen, however, only light cooking is allowed such as preparing instant noodles. We would like to keep the place as clean as possible for your comfort.

Is there any clothes washing facilities?
Unfortunately, we do not offer such facilities. Perhaps you might want to visit a dhoby not far away, do ask us where it’s situated.

Is there ample parking around the house?
There is approximately 2 -3 parking spaces available around the house. But do bear in mind that THE RESIDENCE shares spaces with the community and parking spaces are not guaranteed available at all times. We do encourage car pooling to be safe and of course environmentally friendly too 🙂

We get hungry fast, is there any eateries around? Shopping malls perhaps?
There is a small coffee shop facing the main road that is about 600 meters from THE RESIDENCE. We aren’t able to ensure their availability but if you can drive out, there are plenty of eateries and shopping malls / hypermarkets within the 5 KM radius. Malacca is a food haven, you won’t go hungry.

How far is it to the city centre from THE RESIDENCE?
Referring to the trusty Google Maps, it’s approximately 14 – 15 KM distance. Car rides would probably take 15 to 25 minutes depending on traffic.


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